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My name is Valerie Chachere and I am a real estate agent with Horseshoe Bay One Real Estate. I'm also a wife and the mother of three amazing children. Although I was born in Austin and grew up in Spicewood, I've lived all over Texas as well as in both Alaska and Michigan.

I worked in the medical field for more than  thirteen years with twelve of those spent as a medical assistant in the dermatology field. However, my dream had always been to become a REALTOR, and I am happy that I have finally achieved my goal! It is my great pleasure to be able to help people, and it is incredibly rewarding for me when I surpass my clients expectations. My medical background taught me to put the needs of my patients first. Patient care was my top priority, and the medical field ingrained that in me. I’m bringing this lesson into my real estate work, where the focus on clients’ fiduciary duties is just as important. In fact, I’m willing to go above and beyond for all of my clients.

 By nature, I am an introvert, but once you come to know me, you may not believe this. I have struggled with an autoimmune disease for most of my life, and for the last four years, it has been particularly severe. It has taken a toll on my body, causing symptoms that mimic cancer requiring many medical visits and surgeries. As a result, I have learned to live one day at a time and to not give up when it gets tough. I am able to empathize with others who are fighting their own battles. I choose to see the positive side of my situation, and it has made me a stronger and more understanding person.

My unique background has given me the opportunity to develop a strong work ethic, as well as excellent communication and organizational skills. I am passionate about real estate, and I am always willing to go the extra mile for my clients. I am committed to providing my clients with the highest level of service, and I am confident that I can help them achieve their real estate goals.

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